Friday, 22 of February of 2019

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Meta is Number 1 (for the moment)

LifeIsData. TV, “A Video News & Entertainment Channel for Data Pros”, just put out a video on top blog posts from women in the data game. The tweets said Week 29, but I can’t find the other 28, so somebody please clue me in. Also give me a hint about who is behind this channel, because I have no idea.

They do put together nice, professional looking (and sounding) videos. And how could I resist plugging this?

Top 3 Data Women of the Week – Claudia Imhoff, Hilary Mason, Meta Brown (Week 29)

Seems they liked a post of mine from last week, “O’Reilly Strata: Deluded About Diversity?”
What prestigious company! Much to my surprise, the video declares me as Number 1. And snarky!

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AnalyticsVideo Channel – 2010

These are short videos that I developed in 2010 as work samples. These were fun but a lot of work to create!

Invest in Analytics: eHarmony’s (not so) secret formula for competitive advantage

Invest in Analytics: How Netflix knows what you like