Sunday, 9 of December of 2018

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Text Analytics Summit West 2013

Just back from Text Analytics Summit West 2013!

Heard some terrific talks.

One of the things I particularly liked was Mark Eduljee’s concise set of seven principles for useful analysis. I’ll be writing about the details soon!

Mingzhu Lu mentioned embarrassingly parallel computing, another topic begging for more explanation – maybe I should do a distributed computing piece similar to my Bluffer’s Guide to NoSQL Databases.

Janine Johnson led a GATE workshop. This gave participants the opportunity to see GATE (a text analytics tool for developers) in action, and get a good sense of how developers can work with it. Some of the crowd installed GATE and tried it hands-on. The rest of us watched as Janine demonstrated – and I, for one, saw more of what the tool could do in the two hour workshop that I probably could have worked out on my own in two days. It probably would have taken me more than two hours just to install and get it running!

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Data mining book on the horizon…

Watch for a Spring 2014 release for this new data mining book. I wrote a section devoted to text analytics.

Right now, the title on the description, the title on the image, and the title I have from the editor are all different. And you won’t see me or the other coauthors in the description. Nor are the details of the contents here yet. Hope they’ll get that all sorted out by Spring!

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Be a Text Analytics Heretic

New piece on SmartData Collective:

Be a Text Analytics Heretic

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Text Analytics, Big Data and the Keys to ROI

When you were a child, and the grownups asked what you wanted to do when you grew up, you said, “I want to do text analytics on Big Data!” Right?

OK, no, you didn’t. You dreamed about something glamorous! Yet behind every glamorous star, there’s an army of people behind the scenes. What does this have to do with text analytics? Read all about it in my article, “Text Analytics, Big Data and the Keys to ROI”.

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Text Analytics Is Hard (That’s What She Said)

New piece on Smart Data Collective: Text Analytics Is Hard (That’s What She Said)

The other day I was hit with a new one – for me, at least. The question was – how would you write a classifier to identify sentences appropriate for the retort, “that’s what she said”? It turns out that identification of “that’s what she said” jokes in the making is rather popular among linguists. Go figure.

An academic study of a not-at-all businesslike text analytics application has something to teach us in the business community.

My trans-analytic voyage

New piece in a new publication: My trans-analytic Voyage: Text Analytics on Both Sides of the Atlantic contrasts my observations at analytics conferences in the US and Europe.

Chicago Web Analytics Meetup has a new home

The Chicago Web, Game and Social Media Analytics Meetup has been around several years and has developed a substantial membership. Now, the group has a new home. Thoughtworks, a global IT consultancy based in Chicago, will host meetings at their headquarters at 200 East Randolph. Last week, I presented “Crossing the Language Chasm: Extracting Information from Foreign-Language Text” for the group at the new location, and it was a pleasure. The space is roomy, comfortable and a great match for this use. The meeting was well attended, and I expect that the new space will help to build attendance.

If you didn’t get to attend the presentation, you can read the original article on Smart Data Collective:

Crossing the Language Chasm: Extracting Information from Foreign-Language Text

Text Analytics Summit Europe

Text Analytics Summit Europe took place April 23-24, and I had the opportunity to speak there. My presentation, “Cross-lingual Text Analytics: A New Frontier in Linguistic Technology”, was based on my article of the same title that appeared in Multilingual magazine earlier this year. In that talk, I explained the meaning of “cross-lingual” text analytics, the process and why translating text to feed into English-language text analytics tools is undesirable.

The London group was much more motivated to talk about languages other than English than any audience I’ve encountered in the US! There were several other speakers discussing issues related to non-English text analytics, including some case studies. And the discussion during breaks and such was very different from the US. Americans need to smell the coffee and realize that if we don’t rise up and get into customer engagement and text analytics for languages other than English, we’ll be losing business to international competitors who will get there first. Believe me, they have a huge head start!

Text Analytics Summit Boston

Back from a long road trip and recovered from jetlag, I must now get back to writing! Just finished a piece for Language Technology News, will post a link when that’s available. In the past few weeks I have given three presentations on text analytics – in San Francisco, London and Chicago – and I’ve heard many other interesting speakers, so I have some new stories to tell over the next couple of weeks.

Next up – I’ll be giving the keynote presentation at Text Analytics Summit Boston in June! You can read the conference agenda here: Hope to see you there!

Upcoming presentations

Social Media Analytics Summit, April 17-18, San Francisco
Capitalize on Multi-lingual Social Media Analytics

European Text Analytics Summit, April 23-24, London
Cross-lingual Text Analytics: A New Frontier in Linguistic Technology

Chicago Web, Game and Social Media Analytics Group, May 2, Chicago Free!
Crossing the Language Chasm: Extracting Information from Foreign-Language Text

Predictive Analytics World, June 25-26, Chicago
Cross-Language Text Analytics: Overcoming Language Barriers